XXVI Anniversary of the Port of Coatzacoalcos.

Jul 25, 2020

Coatzacoalcos, due to its location, is a strategic port in the Gulf of Mexico, since it was decreed as a commercial port more than 100 years ago, we maintain a transcendental role for the development of the south-southeast of the country.

RThe Port is made up of 2 port enclosures, the Coatzacoalcos Port Enclosure with a total surface area of ​​352 total hectares, and the Port Enclosure in Laguna de Pajaritos, with 295.5 total hectares, both enclosures together add up to a wide area of ​​docks with 25ft draft , 32ft. 33ft, 35ft and 39ft, a navigation channel with 39ft and two ciaboga docks of 500 meters each.

Due to our vocation in the handling of commercial cargo, oil and derivatives, we are a versatile port for the movement of any type of cargo, we have links with 32 ports around the world, we connect with practically all continents.

EFor API Coatzacoalcos, during these 26 years two lines of business have been significant; Ferrobuque, unique in the national port system, regular route every 4 days Coatzacoalcos, Ver.- Mobile, AL., with a capacity of up to 119 rail vans and container service, weekly route Coatzacoalcos, Ver.- Palmetto, FL., capacity of up to 800 TEU´s for refrigerated loads. dry and liquid.

We will maintain our vision in important projects that develop synergies for the growth of our environment. Today, we face another challenge; demonstrate that we are the best logistics alternative between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.